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Amazing poetry about life, nature, God, the universe, and Zen. Are you a poem hunter or would you join a poetry society or academy or do you whisper poetry in your sleep or do you dream about all poetry or are you one to be found at a writer's cafe writing fiction, novels, power poetry, essays, articles or just enjoying some poems & quotes or have you ever typed into your computer to see what you get or do you love National Poetry Month, do you get great writer's relief from composing a poem or piece of flash fiction? Then you have come to the right place. We are all of this and more.

Welcome ~ enjoy reading my poetry and prose and enjoy your visit

"What DE Navarro writes is powerful. But the real treasure is the heart of this writer. All his words have power. But the power of words comes from the spirit in the heart of the writer. He has the spirit of the wordmaster in his heart. It is a joy to read his works."

                                                                                                                                  — Robert Woods

Wow, you really are a master with words. Very intelligent writing, but at the same time, with poetic flair sprinkled about and definite passion. I like your style. You are very deep in your realtionship with words. You are married to them, and they to you. What a symbiotic
relationship you have with the English language. Your writing totally blows me out of the water. I'm impressed. What a journey it has been through your amazing poetry!

                                                                                                                                   — Susan Stumpf

I easily found myself lost in your poetry. Your talent is quite extraordinary! You have the ability to bring power through words/themes, through strong description and imagery.

                                                                                                                                   — C. Van Steen

David Eric (DE) Navarro is the Founder of NavWorks Press; he is an Author, Poet, Editor, Publisher, Speaker, Life Coach, and Minister. He is the originator and owner of the We Write Poetry™ forums and the Pride in Poetry Prize™ and Publication series. He is a husband, father, mentor and friend. He is also a Professional Banking Sr. Analyst, Tech Editor/Writer.

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I have been writing for over 47 years and was first seriously published in 1980 in the Purdue Exponent, so I have been a published author and poet for 37 years. 

I have worked in the professional writing and editing field as a business writer and tech editor/writer for over 32 years.

I own and moderate several poetry forums and mentor new writers and poets, helping them to add power and punch to their work.

Please visit my bookshop at the Curio to buy fantastic books and become a supporter as a Patron of the Arts for NavWorks Press' work to promote poetry and the writing arts in English worldwide.

Supporters and donors will be listed in newly published books unless they opt to withhold.

Thank you for promoting poetry and the writing arts in English worldwide.

Get involved in our Interactive Poetry and Writing Arts Forums

The We Write Poetry Wordshop Forum - an interactive workshop forum designed to help participants grow in the art and craft of poetry.
The We Write Poetry Wordshop™ Forum is a LinkedIn Group forum for workshopping your poems with peers who provide encouraging and instructional critiques in a very casual and verbally non-threatening environment. We share our poetry and give honest feedback and instruction so we can grow in the art and craft of poetry.

We Write Poetry Challenge Forum Disqus Channel ~ A fun forum where we give challenges to each other to write poetry, flash fiction, or essays from prompts, pictures, special themes, styles, or poetic techniques.

We Write Poetry™ Challenge Forum (DISQUS Channel) ~ This is a wild and fun forum where we give poetry and writing challenges to each other to write poems, flash fiction, essays, whatever, from prompts, pictures, special themes, styles, or poetic techniques.