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My Poetry

I started writing poetry at 8 years old and have continued to write for over 40 years. I became a published poet (other than newspapers) in 1980 when I was the featured poet of the Winter issue of the Purdue Exponent. Since then I have had hudreds of poems published in various magazines, journals and book anthologies.

In addition to these, I have published one poetry chapbook and two full anthologies. The poetry chapbook, Such are the Poems, 2007, is currently out of print. 

My first poetry anthology, Between Life and Language, 2009, featured several of my poems, but was actually also a collection I put together from 76 poets worldwide springing out of the Pride in Poetry Prize.  This book is still available.  Click on the title above to learn more about it or to purchase it on Amazon. Or check out the Curio for all available titles.

My second poetry anthology, Dare to Soar, 2013, is a journey through 150 of my poems that explore life, self, humanity, the city, country, nature, people, society, and spirituality.  In this book I present a diverse sampling of the many different styles and forms of poetry in which I like to write.

Each of the ten sections of the book is introduced by a short essay that weaves the book together and supports the underlying theme of daring to soar, letting nothing hold you back and reaching beyond the here and now to something that is larger than life itself.

I have never written in any one mundane or monotone signature style, rather, diversity itself is my style and I enjoy writing in forms with rhyming and meter as much as I enjoy free style with no constraints. Some have told me that my approach is fresh and appealing.

I have a very unique and diverse family background and upbringing as a city boy, country boy and child of nature. I like to draw on this eclectic heritage as I craft poetry with a specific purpose of being thought provoking, inspiring or revealing.

Please check out my poetry in the Curio.  If you buy my book I know you will not be disappointed. But if you do buy it and don't like it you can come here and yell at me.