DE Navarro - Author, Poet, Editor, Publisher, Speaker, Life Coach

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My Writing

I am a Freelance Writer and Editor.  I have ghost-written books and articles for other individuals and companies, I have written short, SEO articles and other blog and web content for clients, I have edited content too numerous to list, and I have edited several novels and short stories that are now published.  See Editing/Writing Services for more details.

I am an author and avid fiction writer and editor. My favorite genre is science fiction and fantasy. I excel at making up new worlds of wonder.  I am currently working on a novel which will be the first of a series.  The series is called, The Annals of Ghalensa.  The first novel is The Power to Remake.

I am a published poet.  See About My Poetry for more information on my poetic work.

Over the years I have also written many non-fiction articles, essays, and blurbs for printed magazines, newsletters, and journals.

As a professional technical writer and business writer, I have written hundreds of operating instructions, manuals and handbooks, policies and procedures, training programs, government compliance manuals, internal and external communications, reports, proposals, brochures and trade newletters. I excel at breaking down complex information into understandable terms and instructions so readers can be immediately successful in learning and application.

I am a writing mentor, helping young or new writers to improve their writing by teaching them my 14 point The Power Revision Checklist.

Please check out the Curio bookshop for a complete list of titles and other stuff available.