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Our forums have achieved amazing things for many poets, from launching poetic careers to rejuvenating them, from developing new forms to resurrecting old ones, and from sponsoring contests to publishing winning anthologies.

Our forums are sure to be a place of great fun and social interation as well as a place where poets can safely grow and develop free from intimidation and negative criticism.  We practice what is called "encouraging instruction."  We are honest but kind in our approach to helping poets grow and learn.

We have two types of very different forums.

1.  We Write Poetry Wordshop™

2.  We Write Poetry Challenge Forum™

We HIGHLY encourage you to check out both these wonderful forums and choose which one you like best or use both.

See below for some basic information on each forum, and click the links to go check them out.

This is one of the greatest ways to participate in this site, and to learn and grow as a poet while sharing your poetry with others and having loads of fun.

We Write Poetry Wordshop™

We Write Poetry Wordshop™ is a workshop forum. It is NOT a publication.

We write poetry, read poetry, and give and get respectful, honest feedback. We write and receive thorough critiques, reviews, and analyses. We also interact with other poets and readers, both for improvement and to just simply celebrate and enjoy the world of poetry together.

Our poetry community is awesome because we have the greatest poets and readers in the world. But the real reason is that we have the greatest people ever. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get along with and network with other poets and readers.

We are as much for beginners as for experienced and advanced poets. You can learn how to write a poem and what a poem is at the most fundamental level, or how to use rhyme and meter expertly at advanced levels. Click here to go now.

We Write Poetry Challenge Forum™

We Write Poetry Challenge Forum™ is a poetry prompt and challenge forum where the Forum Curator will issue challenges, exercises, prompts or bite-sized lessons for challenging fun, interaction and growth. Members and participants interact by taking on the challenges and posting their work in the forum.

Sub-threads may develop and are easy to follow in the forum's branched comment style. Guest posters may also be called upon to issue challenges.

If you are looking for critical analysis and feedback in a workshop environment, then please try out our We Write Poetry™ Wordshop. We are as much for beginners as for experienced and advanced poets.

We don’t teach rules, we give tools—think of the We Write Poetry™ community as a group of outfitters who work together to fully equip each other for the poetic journey ahead.  Click here to go now.